12 June 2023

European Veterans Championship Podcetrtek (SLO): 7 individual medals for the Belgians, silver in Team competition

PODCETRTEK - From June 8 to 11, the European Championship for Veterans took place in Podcetrtek, Slovenia. 658 judokas (563 men & 95 women) from 37 countries participated in this European Championship. Twenty judokas (15 men & 5 women) defended the Belgian tricolor. Belgium finished in 13th place in the ranking. Good for two golds, two silvers and three bronzes. Seven medals for the Belgians! There were also four fifth places and five judokas in seventh place. Moreover, in the Team competition, the Belgian team took silver! We list their achievements below.

International referee Bert Hoedemakers was appointed by the EJU to conduct the competitions.


Annick Van de Voorde (-52kg/F6/JS Reet) – GOLD

Round 1: Victory vs. Hanne Myrnes (NOR)
Round 1: Victory vs. Hanne Myrnes (NOR)

Allison Hollevoet (-70kg/F2) – SILVER

Quarter-Final: Victory vs. Lara Battistella (ITA)
Semi-Final: Victory vs. Lina Anna Scheidt (GER)
Final: Defeat vs. Jessica Zannoni (SMR)

Fran De Somer (-63kg/F2/JS Moorsel) – BRONZE

Round 2: Defeat vs. Swantje Kaiser (GER)
Round 3: Victory vs. Caroline Brayson (GBR)
Round 4: Defeat vs. Helen Schwenderling (GER)
Round 5: Victory vs. Gulia Meinardi (ITA)

Fee De Somer (-70kg/F1/JS Moorsel) – 4th PLACE

Round 2: Defeat vs. Hana Kodesova (CZE)
Round 3: Victory vs. Melissa Cicuto (ITA)
Round 4: Defeat vs. Maia Taraushvili (GEO)
Round 5: Defeat vs. Laura Plumridge (GBR)

Geraldine Delporte (-70kg/F2/JC 2000 Kluisbergen)

Quarter-Final: Defeat vs. Luisa Garcia (POR)
Repechage: Defeat vs. Jessica Eschenauer (GER)

Osman HANCI (-90kg/M2) – GOLD

Round 1: Victory vs. Ondrej Loukota (CZE)
Quarter-Final: Victory vs. Michal Zamecki (POL)
Semi-Final: Victory vs. Ianis Lotca (ITA)
Final: Victory vs. Vitalie Ursu (ITA)

Ermanno Agostini (-60kg/M5) – SILVER

Round 1: Victory vs. Bruno Boudet (FRA)
Quarter-Final: Victory vs. Simonne Stinca (ITA)
Semi-Final: Victory vs. Franco Bartone (GER)
Final: Defeat vs. Sofiane Djari (FRA)

Mike Demiddele (-66kg/M1) – BRONZE

Round 1: Victory vs. Daniel Lombardo (ITA)
Quarter-Final: Defeat vs. Paata Merebashvili (GEO)
Repechage: Victory vs. Sergio Mansilla Carca (NOR)
Bronze: Victory vs. Dimitrios Tsanidis (GER)

André LUISI (-81kg/M8) – BRONZE

Round 1: Victory vs. Jan Ekstrom (SWE)
Quarter-Final: Victory vs. Nikola Klajajic (BIH)
Semi-Final: Defeat vs. Manfred Zoellner (GER)
Bronze: Victory vs. Antonio Alfidi (ITA)

Dez De Somer (-100kg/M2/JS Moorsel) – 5th PLACE

Quarter-Final: Victory vs. Petur Sigurd Johannesen (FRO)
Halve finale: Defeat vs. Giorgi Tsotsiashvili (GEO)
Bronze: Defeat vs. Gegi Tamliani (GEO)

Dillon Tafili (-81kg/M1) – 5th PLACE

Round 1: Victory vs. Levani Davadze (GEO)
Quarter-Final: Defeat vs. Vaclav Sedmidubsky (CZE)
Repechage: Victory vs. Benjamin Andrieu (FRA)
Bronze: Defeat vs. Sarkis Ambartsoumian (FRA)

Fabian Vanhollebeke (-90kg/M3) – 5th PLACE

Round 1: Victory vs. Alexandre Morgado (POR)
Quarter-Final: Victory vs. Jan Rusnak (CZE)
Semi-Final: Defeat vs. Roman Janiszewski (POL)
Bronze: Defeat vs. Martin Mairhofer (AUT)

Philippe Lauria (-81kg/M2) – 5th PLACE

Round 2: Victory vs. Vugar Aliyev (AZE)
Quarter-Final: Defeat vs. Sandro Iakobashvili (GEO)
Repechage: Victory vs. Petr Vosynek (CZE)
Repechage: Victory vs. Ilija Vukotic (MNE)
Bronze: Defeat vs. Lukas Kmec (CZE)

Sander Tureluren (-66kg/M1/JS Lummen) – 7th PLACE

Quarter-Final: Defeat vs. Rashid Shamizada (AZE)
Repechage: Victory vs. Jan Zavadil (CZE)
Repechage: Defeat vs. Simone Giannone (ITA)

Bram Pussig (-90kg/M1/JS Lummen) – 7th PLACE

Round 1: Victory vs. Idir Djekouane (FRA)
Quarter-Final: Defeat vs. Jindrich Turek (CZE)
Repechage: Defeat vs. Konstantin Ustinov (GER)

Gunnar De Laet (-100kg/M1/JS Lummen) – 7th PLACE

Quarter-Final: Defeat vs. Mike Van Der Plas (NED)
Repechage: Defeat vs. Indrek Hopfeldt (EST)

Andy Hermans (-73kg/M3/JS Lummen)

Round 1: Defeat vs. Ruslan Cantir (MDA)
Repechage: Defeat vs. Thomas Courdier

Antonino Milioto (-73kg/M1)

Quarter-Final: Defeat vs. Wessel Van Der Ploeg (NED)
Repechage: Defeat vs. Jordane Del Gatto (FRA)

Benoit Van De Perre (-90kg/M5)

Round 1: Defeat vs. Stefano Pressello (ITA)
Repechage: Defeat vs. Milan Bogic (SRB)

Laurent Lenaerts (-90kg/M5)

Round 1: Defeat vs. Jeroen Letterie (NED)
Repechage: Victory vs. Andreas Kalmoukidis (GRE)
Repechage: Defeat vs. Karl Baker (SWE)