31 May 2023

Grand Prix Upper Austria: Team Belgium eliminated in preliminary round

LINZ - Four judokas defended the Belgian tricolor at the Grand Prix Upper Austria, which took place in Linz from May 25 to 27. Hereafter follows their track record.

Lois Petit (-48kg/Belgian Defence/JWB)

Round 1: Defeat vs. Hikari Yoshika (JPN)

Ellen Salens (-48kg/JS Merelbeke/JV)

Round 1: Victory vs. Priscilla Morand (MRI)
Round 2: Defeat vs. Katharina Tanzer (AUT)

Amber Ryheul (-52kg/Kon. Ieperse JC Neko/JV)

Round 1: Bye
Round 2: Defeat vs. Annika Wurfel (GER)

Karel Foubert (-90kg/JC Olympia Brugge/JV)

Round 1: Bye
Round 2: Victory vs. Eljan Hajiyev (AZE)
Round 3: Defeat vs. Marcus Nyman (SWE)