16 August 2023

Five Belgian judokas to World Championships Cadets 2023

Five judokas will defend the Belgian tricolor at the World Championships Cadets. The World Championship will be held in the Croatian capital of Zagreb from August 23 to 26.

The following judokas were selected for Team Belgium:


Lena Antoine (-44kg/JC Saive/JWB) – Game Day 23.08
Camille Sternon (-57kg/JC Andrimont/JWB) – Game Day 25.08


Askhab Isayev (-50kg/JC Samurai Eindhout/JV) – Game Day 23.08
Amsar Dzhamaldinov (-60kg/JC Gishi Jambes/JWB) – Game Day 24.08
Alhmazah Hassoun (-73kg/JC Gruitrode/JV) – Game Day 25.08


Tijl Lindekens
Franklin Pereira Reyes
Miguel Toril Garcia

Referee Val Van Neste was designated by the IJF to referee the matches.