8 May 2024

Belgian Championship Judo Security Services 2024

LUMMEN - Sunday, April 21, the Belgian Security Services Judo Championships took place in Lummen. Both the ladies and the men had a great turnout.

-63 kg ladies

In this series, Silke Valy deservedly took the gold medal by winning her two camps with ippon.

1. VALY Silke 
2. GASPARD Enola 
3. KAYA Gabriella 

+63 kg ladies

In the +63kg category it was a true neck-and-neck race as each participant managed to win the same number of matches. Fiona De Witte won the gold medal by scoring more technical points. The silver and bronze medals were divided based on the mutual result.

1. DE WITTE Fiona BK Politie 
2. PICCINNI Laura 
3. KLUCKERS Leyla 

-73 kg men

Matthéo Lawson emerged victorious in this series after an exciting match against Arno Wilms.

1. LAWSON Matthéo 
2. WILMS Arno 

-81 kg men

In the men's up to 81kg, Rubén Martens captured the gold medal by winning all his camps with ippon.

1. MARTENS Rubén BK Politie 
2. DE SMET Jonas 
3. GUIOT Pierre-Olivier 
3. BILLET Roan 

-90 kg men

In the series up to 90kg, some high-quality matches were fought. Where Bruce Desender earned the gold medal, Ward Houthoofd (normally in the series -81kg) snatched the silver medal.

1. DESENDER Bruce BK Politie 
3. LAMBRECHT Gaétan 
3. GODART Guillaume 

+90 kg men

There were two participants in the +90kg category, Francois Remy won the gold medal.

2. VANDEVENNE Dimitri BK Politie

Thanks again to Judo Lummen for the cooperation to realize this BC. Through the judo club, the gold medalists received, from the sponsor, a sports bag as a gift!