12 August 2022

World Junior Championship 2022 in Guayaquil: 7th place for Alessia Corrao

Four judokas defended the Belgian tricolor at the World Junior Championships in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil. The event took place from August 10 to 14. The Belgians came into action during the first two days of the tournament. Click on the hyperlinks to view the bouts of our athletes.

Alessia Corrao (-63kg/ RJC Visé) – 7th PLACE

Round 1: win vs. Maram Jmour (TUN)
Round 2: win vs. Viktoria Folger (GER)
Quarter-Final: loss vs. Kaillany Cardoso (BRA)
Repechage: loss vs. Agnese Zucco (ITA)

Robbe Demets (-66kg/Judo Kwai Moorsele)

Round 1: win vs. Amin Bakhtiyor (USA)
Round 2: loss vs. Balint Gombas (HUN)

Deny Altemirov (-66kg/JC Gent-Drongen)

Round 1: win vs. David Dyshel (ISR)
Roud 2: loss vs. Muhammed Demirel (TUR)

Zelemkhan Batchaev (-73kg/Judoteam Alen)

Round 1: bye
Round 2: loss vs. Michail Tsoutlasvili (GRE)


Dirk Van Tichelt (JV)
Nicole Flagotier (FFBJ)


Heather Loontjens (JC Banzai)
Val Van Neste (Ostend Judo Club)